h o m e
a b o u t
b o o k
f r i e n d

No one's . a s k i n g
to go dancing . . .
it's not like that anymore.
It's . r o m a n t i c
if . t h e y . mean it
when they shut your fingers in the door.
It's a . g o r y
sort of story
that's been told a hundred times before.
It gets . t r i c k y.
D o n ' t . be picky.
If the slipper fits you, wear it...
w h o r e.

H o w . many tips can I take home tonight without them getting mad?
How many . s t i t c h e s . do you think it takes to fix a cut that bad?
How many minutes until midnight and you get your eyesight back?

Not to k n o c k . i t :
I ' v e . been off it.
Never moving very much at once.
It's been . a w k w a r d.
I . s t i l l . offer it
when it's that time of
other girls shower
but I give out flowers
to c.u.r.i.o.u.s strangers
who throw dollars

How many crimes can I try spotting . d r y .before it leaves a stain?
How many times say that I love you 'til it doesnt . m e a n . a thing?
How many fittings must I sit . t h r o u g h . with my big feet blistering?
How many times until it . s t r i p s . me and my big mouth strikes again?

I'm not a.s.k.i.n.g
to . g o . d a n c i n g.
I'm not that dumb anymore.
It's . e x h a u s t i n g
to keep smiling
when your . t o e s . are bleeding on the floor.
It's a . g o r y
sort of story
that's been told a hundred times before.
Don't be . s o r r y.
J u s t . ignore me.
Because, honestly...
I'm . t o o . sore from fitting
to ride into
s e t t i n g
suns aching to
stand on my

How many wishes do I still have left to . f i x . the way it ends?
How many . p r i n c e s . do you think it takes
to put . a . g i r l . like this
b a c k . together again?
How many instances can you . p o i n t . out when I was less than kind?
How many happy endings do you need to change your fucking mind?
...and how much time do we have left before it's midnight
and you see . t h a t . I . w a s
never the right size?

5.8.06 18:43

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nymphe / Website (6.8.06 19:32)
dauert das nicht ne weile, bis du das _so reinsetzt, also dieses wort kursiv, dieses fett, das unterstrichen...etc....^^'?
fiel mir so spontan auf.
würe ich sowas machen, bräuchte ich wahrscheinlich stunden^^'.....

gipsyblueprint / Website (6.8.06 20:15)
Oooch... es geht. Ich liebe so'n 'Fummelkram'...

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