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lilmelody101361 (4 months ago) do u think sakura's big brother likes yukito? i mean he does like someone else right and yukito's his best friend. i know that seems wrong for a boy to like a boy but li likes yukito right? *sigh* everything is so complicated. lol ^_^

floraveale (4 months ago) yeah I think Toya and Yukito like eachother lol. You said it was 'wrong' for a boy to like a boy. That's really offensive.

aznchic01 (1 month ago) how's that offensive? to straight people, liking the same gender in a romantic way IS wrong. i'm tired of the whole "let's tolerate them" attitude america's having about the homosexuals. sue me. i'm a christian. it's definately wrong to me.
one thing i'd like to get straight is that it doesn't mean i hate gays, i just don't agree with their viewpoint.

Rolfellos (1 month ago) ok..on the gay thing...i tolerate what/...i also share a very pessimistic view of them...for all the anit gay people out there..think of it like this: if youre gay you dont reproduce...natural selection at its finest! i fight against gay people...i am the great last two girlfriendss went bi because of me... i think i had a job well done ;D

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Sometimes I wonder if this is really the 21th century. Disgusting.
24.7.06 14:50

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