h o m e
a b o u t
b o o k
f r i e n d

I have to drive,
I have my reasons, dear.
It's cold outside,
I hate the seasons here.

I suffer mornings most of all,
I feel so powerless and small.
By 10 o' clock I'm back in bed
fighting the jury in my head.

We learn to drive,
it's only natural, dear.
We drive all night,
we haven't slept in years.

We suffer mornings most of all,
we saw you lying in the road.
We try to dig a decent grave
but it's still a morning to behave.

It is a delicate position:
Spin the bottle.
Pick the victim.
Posing upright.
Follow directions.
Blast the network.
An impossible decision…

We'll have to drive,
they're getting closer.
Just get inside,
it's almost over.

We will save your brothers.
We will save your cousins.
We will drive them far away
from streets and signs,
from all trace of bad mankind.

We suffer mornings most of all,
wake up all bleary eyed and crawl
to find a telephone call in each ear.
Meet me at the car… dear

(Wanna listen?)

Yes, I'm back again ^^ Still a little crumpled but a whole lot better now. I got some free time again, so I decided to fix my blog a bit, new design, makin' it more personal and stuff... you'll see what I mean. I hope I'll be finished by next weekend. So long, <3
11.11.06 16:01

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nymphe (11.11.06 17:31)'ve got no idea how i missed your blog writing<3

gipsyblueprint / Website (11.11.06 18:13)
As did I, as did I... *hugs*

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