h o m e
a b o u t
b o o k
f r i e n d

I have to drive,
I have my reasons, dear.
It's cold outside,
I hate the seasons here.

I suffer mornings most of all,
I feel so powerless and small.
By 10 o' clock I'm back in bed
fighting the jury in my head.

We learn to drive,
it's only natural, dear.
We drive all night,
we haven't slept in years.

We suffer mornings most of all,
we saw you lying in the road.
We try to dig a decent grave
but it's still a morning to behave.

It is a delicate position:
Spin the bottle.
Pick the victim.
Posing upright.
Follow directions.
Blast the network.
An impossible decision…

We'll have to drive,
they're getting closer.
Just get inside,
it's almost over.

We will save your brothers.
We will save your cousins.
We will drive them far away
from streets and signs,
from all trace of bad mankind.

We suffer mornings most of all,
wake up all bleary eyed and crawl
to find a telephone call in each ear.
Meet me at the car… dear

(Wanna listen?)

Yes, I'm back again ^^ Still a little crumpled but a whole lot better now. I got some free time again, so I decided to fix my blog a bit, new design, makin' it more personal and stuff... you'll see what I mean. I hope I'll be finished by next weekend. So long, <3
11.11.06 16:01

In this same bar
where you slammed
down your hand
and said "Amanda, I'm in love"
No, you're not.
you're just a suck... for the ones who use you
and it doesn't matter what I say or do
the stupid bastard's gonna have his way with you

You are impossible, Delilah. The princess of denial.
And after 7 years in advertising you are none the wiser.
You're an unrescuable schizo
or else you're on the rag
'cause if you take him back
I'm gonna lose my nerve
he's gonna beat you like a pillow
you schizos never learn
and if you take him home
you'll get what you deserve

So don't cry, Delilah.
You're still alive, Delilah.
You need a ride, Delilah?
Let's see how fast this thing can go.
Let's. See. How. Fast. This. Thing. Can. Go.
18.8.06 23:59

When everything is lonely I can be my own best friend
I'll get a coffee and the paper, have my own conversations
I see the sidewalk and the pigeons and my window reflection
The mask I polish in the evening, by the morning looks like shit

I got a flask inside my pocket, we can share it on the train
And if you promise to stay conscious I will try and do the same
We may die from medication, but we sure killed all the pain
But what was normal in the evening, by the morning seems insane

Call 911. I might burst from anger.Or despair. Or both.

Care to fuck your pretending self before you do? How nice.

10.8.06 07:40

Dumb, childish, insolent GIT. Just shut - the fuck - up.
Humans! Nothing but ungrateful little dumbasses.
Thanks a lot for reminding me! The only thing: I still don't know if I should bang my head against the desk until I die or simply cry for stupidity. Difficult decision. Or maybe I should smother you until you stop acting like a 5 year old brat?! DAMN! Just use your brain for once...

8.8.06 07:27

No one's . a s k i n g
to go dancing . . .
it's not like that anymore.
It's . r o m a n t i c
if . t h e y . mean it
when they shut your fingers in the door.
It's a . g o r y
sort of story
that's been told a hundred times before.
It gets . t r i c k y.
D o n ' t . be picky.
If the slipper fits you, wear it...
w h o r e.

H o w . many tips can I take home tonight without them getting mad?
How many . s t i t c h e s . do you think it takes to fix a cut that bad?
How many minutes until midnight and you get your eyesight back?

Not to k n o c k . i t :
I ' v e . been off it.
Never moving very much at once.
It's been . a w k w a r d.
I . s t i l l . offer it
when it's that time of
other girls shower
but I give out flowers
to c.u.r.i.o.u.s strangers
who throw dollars

How many crimes can I try spotting . d r y .before it leaves a stain?
How many times say that I love you 'til it doesnt . m e a n . a thing?
How many fittings must I sit . t h r o u g h . with my big feet blistering?
How many times until it . s t r i p s . me and my big mouth strikes again?

I'm not a.s.k.i.n.g
to . g o . d a n c i n g.
I'm not that dumb anymore.
It's . e x h a u s t i n g
to keep smiling
when your . t o e s . are bleeding on the floor.
It's a . g o r y
sort of story
that's been told a hundred times before.
Don't be . s o r r y.
J u s t . ignore me.
Because, honestly...
I'm . t o o . sore from fitting
to ride into
s e t t i n g
suns aching to
stand on my

How many wishes do I still have left to . f i x . the way it ends?
How many . p r i n c e s . do you think it takes
to put . a . g i r l . like this
b a c k . together again?
How many instances can you . p o i n t . out when I was less than kind?
How many happy endings do you need to change your fucking mind?
...and how much time do we have left before it's midnight
and you see . t h a t . I . w a s
never the right size?

5.8.06 18:43

*waves goodbye*

I'll be back in a week.
Wheee... I'm so exited.
(and I just can't hide it)

29.7.06 01:01

lilmelody101361 (4 months ago) do u think sakura's big brother likes yukito? i mean he does like someone else right and yukito's his best friend. i know that seems wrong for a boy to like a boy but li likes yukito right? *sigh* everything is so complicated. lol ^_^

floraveale (4 months ago) yeah I think Toya and Yukito like eachother lol. You said it was 'wrong' for a boy to like a boy. That's really offensive.

aznchic01 (1 month ago) how's that offensive? to straight people, liking the same gender in a romantic way IS wrong. i'm tired of the whole "let's tolerate them" attitude america's having about the homosexuals. sue me. i'm a christian. it's definately wrong to me.
one thing i'd like to get straight is that it doesn't mean i hate gays, i just don't agree with their viewpoint.

Rolfellos (1 month ago) ok..on the gay thing...i tolerate what/...i also share a very pessimistic view of them...for all the anit gay people out there..think of it like this: if youre gay you dont reproduce...natural selection at its finest! i fight against gay people...i am the great last two girlfriendss went bi because of me... i think i had a job well done ;D

head -> table
Sometimes I wonder if this is really the 21th century. Disgusting.
24.7.06 14:50

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